Sunday, March 2, 2014

Welcome Home!

Tuesday 2.18.14
I spent the night before my Princess Half vacation at my parents house so I could have my father drive me to the airport early. Well early was when I needed to wake up, but in reality I just BARELY made it to my flight. I did get to sleep with Kemmy snuggled up next to me though so it was totally worth it (she's not usually cuddly like Ace). I also got to say my final goodbye to Ryan and was able to give him a huge hug and a kiss and wish him luck. When I arrived at Bradley I ended up walking right on the plane. Go Army would definitely be the theme for the vacation.

Three hours later I landed in MCO to beautiful palm trees and sunshine, it began to snow in CT and my father sent me a nice picture of the highway. I did feel bad him and my mother were stuck in the snow but boy was I happy to be going to Disney.

The Magical Express wait was probably the longest I've had so far. I was torn about having to pick up my own luggage but realized I wouldn't have to wait for it to have clothes to change in to.

The most beautiful sight...

If you've never been to Pop Century this is the view that greets you as you walk out the lobby. This is the Hippie Dippie Pool.

Room number. I really enjoy the 90's its close to the buses and the parking lot but has pretty views.

After charging my phone I realized I had woke up at 4am and it was now noon and I hadn't eaten. Of course EPCOT was what my tummy was craving!

La Cantina d San Angel is the perfect place to grab a quick bite. The only issue is, seating is horrendous here. I walked around like the lonely kid in the cafeteria until a table opened up. Because I had done the dining plan I was able to get the Tacos de Pollo as my meal, a bottle of water which I quickly threw in my purse and churritos as my dessert. The classic margarita on the rocks was extra and worth it. This is my favorite meal and is a tradition as it is usually my first meal on property every vacation.

I walked around a bit with my margarita and grabbed a seat next to the Karamell Kuche. I enjoyed my time people watching and smelling the amazing caramel... much so that I bought a small bag of the caramel popcorn. mm mmm mmmm.

On my way back to the buses I noticed the line for Pluto was only 3 people deep, I quickly stopped to see on of my favorite pups!

I got back to the room and charged my phone AGAIN. (Apple we really need to work on this.) And got a text from Sammy saying she was doing an audit at the pool! I couldn't wait to see her so I got my stuff together but took the long way to grab some photos of the resort.

They were showing Pocahontas....conveniently that was the SAME movie I watched on the flight. If I had only known...

We sat and chatted for a little bit and then decided we should get to the Magic Kingdom early for our reservation at Be Our Guest. 

We noticed that the line for Dumbo was non existent so we hopped on! I haven't ridden since I was a very, very little child.

We had such a blast. Unfortunately, the ride made us much dizzier than we remember as children. 

We looked at the time and noticed we still had plenty to spare before we needed to arrive at the Beast's Castle. Minnie and Daisy were perfect girlfriends to visit with until dinner.

Samantha noticed the photographer taking a selfie with my phone in between Daisy and Minnie. Yup. Now I have you online sir.

We had a short wait until our table was ready. The weather outside was still gorgeous so I didn't mind sitting on the bridge.  

The ambiance is absolutely amazing. What the imaginears did here is breathtaking.

Sammy and I both got the strip steak with garlic butter and pommes frites. The steak was tough to cut with their steak knives but when chewing was perfectly cooked. The only issue I had is that my piece was very fatty and I felt I couldn't cut around that. 

I was very torn when the waitress brought over the dessert cart as I have been dying to try "the grey stuff" but when I noticed there was a limited time red velvet cupcake I couldn't turn it down.

The frosting was not overly sweet and the cake was incredibly moist.

Afterwards we were able to take our picture with the Beast before he retired for the evening.

I love that they allow you to walk around and take photos while dinner. However if you are not there for a reservation you will not be allowed to walk in and take photos.

Everything about my first day could not have been more perfect. We walked out of the Beast's Castle, under Cinderellas and out to walk past the Main Street Electrical Parade.

AND WHO DID WE SEE! Suzy and Perla!!!

And the Fairy Godmother!

I love that the Main Street Electrical Parade ends with a tribute to the United States.

I couldn't wait for Wednesday because I knew Kristy and her sister would be flying in!


  1. So jealous you got to go to Be Our Guest! We got a special lunch offer to go, but the only tickets we had were for after 4 so we couldn't. I was so bummed - it looks amazing!

    1. Definitely go for dinner if you can, the ambiance is so much more impressive plus that's when you get to see the BEAST! :)

  2. I LOVE Be Our Guest! I ate there for lunch last year, and have since been dying to try it out for dinner! I bet it is even more magical. My favorite part about the restaurant is the snow and mountains backdrop in the windows of the ballroom. Perfection.

    I love that parade float that Disney had for the tribute to the U.S. :0)

    1. It really is, oh my gosh I couldn't believe how real it looks when you are watching out the 'windows' its so amazing. Really your jaw just drops.

      That is my favorite part of the entire parade, even before Ryan went into the Army it always has meant the most to me <3