Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do

Monday 2.24.14

After such an epic day I was excited for something a little more low-key. I knew today was going to be tough.

I started off my day by sitting by the pool with Karen. It was so amazing to sit in the Happiest Place in the World and have a heart to heart with someone you love! Yes, Karen, I love you!

Afterwards I got back to the hotel and changed quick to meet Kristy and Anne for our version of the Last Supper. Kristy, my perfect twin, made reservations again at a place I had never tried! I love when she does this by the way haha

As we were checking in I had to take a photo of just about everything I saw. This spot to me was like a little hidden gem!

Of course a Cast Member talked me in to being IN the next photo of it!

We took a photo together <3 I still can't believe how lucky I am to have found not one, but two sisters on this vacation. <3

The decor inside just makes your jaw drop and your head tilt back. Disney did a good job with this one. It takes a lot to impress me now on property and I was truthfully blown away by the ambiance of the Tusker House.

We were seated and almost immediately Kristy and I needed to eat, we were starving! The food is set up similar to a marketplace, so inviting. I wish I had taken photos of each food station. Next time.

They had everything you could imagine here AND MORE. I couldn't NOT get biscuits and gravy. I mean it was staring at me.

They had Jasmine rice, blintz's, tatter tots, scrambled eggs, home fried potatoes, coffee cake. It was a carb heaven!

All the characters were walking around in their best safari gear. Daisy stopped by to say hi. Check out those lashes, girl!

Oh Donald!

Of course Goofy was there too!

And you can't have a party without the Main Mouse, Mickey!

Sadly, yet again I got stuffed very fast.

After we were done with breakfast we decided to go to MGM. Kristy and Anne had to make the Magical Express by like 2.30pm I think and we wanted to ride Tower of Terror before having to go back to Pop.

Kristy, my fabulous vacation Fast Pass Planner, told us we had a little time before we were dropped in a service elevator so we walked around Pixar Studios.

Yup...Saw another Green Army Man. And yes I did push my way in front of a child. I just needed a quick photo and they were going to ask for an autograph. It wasn't my proudest moment but it needed to be done.

And what is a trip down the Streets of America without Singing in the Rain?!

After our ride on Tower of Terror, which I laughed the whole way through. We got 'thirsty'.

Lucky for Kristy and Anne, I knew JUST the place!


Citizens Take Flight- Margarita Flight: Mango, Classic, Pomegrante.

And some desserts they now offer at 3 for $9.. (I should have just gotten a ginormous slice of grapefruit cake)

And a girl can't say no to a Champage Flight. The red one in the middle was the yummiest.

I didn't want the day to end. We were having so much fun.

Sadly the girls needed to get back to the hotel. We got on a bus back to Pop. When we arrived at the Magical Express Bus Stop I didn't want to prolong the sadness too much. I gave them both a hug a hurried away. P.S. I'm really bad with goodbyes. 

I stopped into the shop off the lobby and walked around to clear my head. I looked at my phone 2.30pm... TWO THIRTY PM! I realized my parents would be taking Ryan to the recruiter at that very time! I quickly called him and was incredibly relieved I was able to get to talk to him. I wished him good luck, told him I loved him and was very proud of him and hung up.....and then I cried. By the candy. I felt a little silly but then again...Ryan has never 'gone away'. He and I both stayed close for college and I kinda got used to seeing him at my parents all the time.

I immediately had an idea for a Graduation gift for him. And off I went with a purpose.

I changed out of my dress and got into leggings and a tee and figured now would be a better time than any to try out the Gladsoles I got. I'm not going to talk about them too much as I want to do a separate post about them. They are that awesome, trust me.

I made fast pass reservations for the princesses and boarded a bus to the Magic Kingdom.

My first stop was Ariel.... let's just cut right to the chase. I sobbed. Like SOBBED on her shoulder. I didn't anticipate having everything hit me in her Grotto but hey, I guess it needed to happen. She was amazing when I told her I Ryan was leaving for the Army and said he was a brave man and a ton of nice stuff. She will forever hold a spot in my heart. I am sorry about the water works though Ariel.

Then it was over to Cinderella and .....welp, not Aurora, must have been taking a nap or something.

Rapunzel was great! She told me my hair was awesome and made sure She was on one side with hers and I was on one side with mine. She said we had to show it off haha. It sure helped me keep it together while I was with her.

Although I began to keep my composure much better thoughout the rest of the day I found myself randomly crying/tearing up when I saw something that reminded me of him. Trust me, I know he's going to be okay and he's in Boot Camp/Basic Training its just this kind of change is a HUGE change and I'm having a little trouble working through it.

This Snow White was much more pleasant and less weird than the last one I met.

Gaston. Doucher. Bottom Line.

I wanted to stop for Merida but the line was a joke.

After realizing that the monorails were down AGAIN I waited almost 60 minutes for a boat to the Poly. I think the wait was worth it for this view though.

When I got there I made friends with a soldier on temporary leave with his family. I helped them find the lobby and thanked him for his service. I headed up to the Kona Cafe to get some coffee for my parents and charged my sadly dying phone.

Once the coffee was done I realized since I had asked my friends to raise a glass for Ryan I needed to as well.

I made my way to the Barefoot Pool Bar and grabbed a margarita and an outlet.

Na Zdrowie Baby Ryan!

Sammy came by a little later to pick me up for dinner. I was hitting another place I had never gone before. The Maya Grill at Coronado Springs.

We didn't need to wait very long for a table at all.

Our waiter kept calling us princesses all night. I have to admit I enjoyed it.

The food was amazing! Enchiladas Suizas

Fried Ice Cream and Churritos for dessert. mm mm mmm

We were both stuffed and tired. 


  1. I hope your brother is doing well Meg. Love that you had such a fun time in Florida and enjoyed seeing all your photos. We need to go to Tusker looks great!

    1. He wrote last week and said he was doing well and was anticipating getting out of Reception and to the actual Basic Training. I'm excited for him and can't wait to see him.

      I had such a blast during PHM Weekend.

      Tusker House is so amazing I made my parents promise to make ADR there for Wine and Dine. You have to try it!

  2. So all that food looks so freaking good. I sound like a broken record saying that in all my comments but such is life lol. :0)

    I got my brother the USA Eagle Vinylmation when I was at Disney World back in October. He loved it! It is a perfect gift for a soldier! I hope your brother is doing well. *hugs*

    1. hahahah Hey, you're saying it in the comments but I'm the one posting it all hahaha

      Ohhhh! I wish I had seen that one!

      Thank you! I hope your brother is well, as well :) *hugs right back atcha*

  3. ♡♥♡ only 343 days until I get to hug you again! :)

  4. I love your recaps, they're so wonderful and detailed and make me want to just do everything you do haha! I didn't want to comment on all of them, but I'm guessing this is the last one about the trip? So I decided to now.

    Oh, and many happy thoughts and well wishes to your brother, and thank him for his service!

    1. Thank you <3 That's what my goal always is. I want everyone reading them to be as excited as I was :)

      One more left hahaha I love the comments so no worries.

      Thank you <3

  5. Isn't it fitting that you saw the serviceman at the poly that afternoon? Although not exactly the same situation but I did feel the same way you do when my little sister moved away for the first time. It's hard.

    1. It was so perfect. It couldn't have been better timing.

      Hey leaving is leaving, no matter the circumstance in my mind. It's been tougher than I had imagined.

  6. A big thank you to your brother and I hope basic training goes well.

    Now I want fried ice cream and churros.

  7. I really want to try Tusker House! Eli's all freaked out by character dining right now, but it's definitely on our list! Sounds like you had an amazing trip! :)