Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TasteBud Tuesday: Be Our Guest

Taste Bud Tuesday.

Warning: This will be a longer review than others.

Yes, I have used some of these photos already in my recap of my Princess Half Marathon weekend.

In case you were wondering, you cannot just 'go in and look around' you must have a reservation for dinner in order to make it into the Beast's Castle.

After perusing the menu I was stuck between the Chicken Breast Provencal and the Grilled Strip Steak. I told our waitress my dilemma and without hesitation she recommended the steak. She said the butter was to die for. Truthfully I was in the mood for some pommes frites.

I thought I knew exactly what my dessert choice would be. Obviously The "Grey Stuff" right?

If you'll remember correctly Be Our Guest is also the only location within the Magic Kingdom you can purchase alcohol. Sammy and I passed but I couldn't help but long for Potato Leek Soup. Next time my love, next time.

Our meal came out and I was instantly excited! The pommes frites were delicious and you see that little container with garlic butter in it...yup. I ended up having TWO it was so good. Not only did I dip my perfectly crispy fries in it but I also dipped my steak in it. The veggies were warm but had a snap to them one bitten into. I was already in love with the meal and couldn't wait to cut into the steak....

Well I will say for all the money Disney happens to be bringing in, we could sharpen the steak specific knives a little more. It was hard to cut into the steak immediately but once I secured a delectable piece and bit into it...well let me tell you it melted in my mouth. The steak was cooked perfectly. As I went to search for the next piece I encountered what would ruin the meal.... FAT, GRISSLE, call it what you wish. The steak was laden with it and unfortunately because my steak knife was crap I felt like I had done an upper body work out by the time I got another piece free. I'm not sure if it was just my piece or if it was the cut of steak. I know it's not filet mignon but I was hoping to lick my plate clean. Alas that did not happen. 

After the somewhat dissapointing steak and the overdose on the garlic butter I think it started to come out of my pores. We had the dessert cart brought out. As our waitress walked through the numerous options she mentioned a "special, limited time" Red Velvet Cupcake. In honor of Valentines Day, of course. I felt like I was betraying the "grey stuff" and requested the Red Velvet cupcake.

This is hands down one of the best red velvet cupcakes I have ever had. 

Hi. My name is Meg and I'm a red velvet cupcake snob. It has been 22 days since my last red velvet cupcake....

I'm not even kidding. Everywhere I go if RV is an option, it's a no-brainer. This cupcake did not disappoint. The frosting was a butter cream but without the overpowered taste of sugar (different) and the cake was so moist it felt apart on the fork. It was the perfect color of red and had that hit of chocolate that is required for RV cupcakes. (I wasn't kidding about my addiction.)

The best part of the dinner might have been the opportunity to meet the Beast. 

All in all I would recommend Be Our Guest to everyone if not for the decor and ambiance alone.

Have you eaten here? Would you?


  1. Nothing is worse than not being able to enjoy a steak! I'm sorry it was so tough but glad you enjoyed the rest of your meal :)

    1. Yup you know it! I'm glad we're on the same page hahah

  2. Looks like so much fun! I love Disney!
    But, I have to ask. What is the "Gray Stuff"?

    1. The grey stuff, well "it's delicious"! I have no idea what it is truthfully hahahah

  3. The desserts look like heaven. I'm a chocoholic and the triple chocolate cupcake caught my eye.

  4. You know, I've actually heard from multiple sources now that dinner was less than stellar. Very surprising considering the prices! Robert and I ate here for lunch during the 2013 PHM weekend last year and loved the food we had. I doubt I'll bother for dinner here now - we'll stick with the lunch options! The dessert was definitely the best though. I had the chocolate cupcake, but the red velvet sounds uh-maze-ing!!

    1. Agreed. I'll have to try dinner knowing that you can still get dessert at that time. Hmmm.. I like that option better I think.